Wimbledon: Mental strength for a winning performance.


Having launched my new website during Wimbledon tennis week, I couldn't fail to mention the link between sport and health and the amazing lifestyle event this delivers for everyone. Whether it be a casual picnic or a social occasion with glamourous celebrities, there is a connection for everyone.  I was lucky enough to be there last week and witness all these things coming together.

Something that is often overlooked is the mental strength and focus of the players. I don't think we can ignore the dedication it takes just to train the mind to be so focused and the self-belief they create.  They are in no doubt, when they step onto the court that they are going to win. You see it in their faces after every point and the clenching of fists or punching of the air. If we all take a 'smidge' of this away with us we are more likely to achieve the things we want in life. 

Whether you want to run a 10K, achieve your weight loss goal, or be successful in a job interview, mental strength is one factor that comes out on top. Attitude is everything, you have to give 100%, believe that you will succeed, believe in yourself, don’t be distracted by other people. Mental strength is when you can find fuel in an empty tank.

The Athletic performance is immense. The training effort that goes into being able to create a body capable to compete is outstanding. The hours, the sweat and the tears they go through to get there is nothing most of us will ever experience.  Again, if we take an ounce of their dedication to keep physically fit and healthy, we will all live healthier lives.  

Finally, I couldn’t write about Wimbledon and not mention the Strawberries, with over 900,000 being consumed in 2 weeks. Bright in colour, sweet, juicy, and perfect for summer, but also packed with phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants essential for optimum health and loved by adults and children everywhere, perfect and delicious!