Brand Nu Website!


I began my journey with Brand Nu-Me three years ago, when I decided to return to a career in health, fitness and nutrition. Brand Nu-Me has evolved with me and grown into a business I am really proud of.

I’ve been discovering the effects that lifestyle and food has on my own health since I qualified as a Nutritionist and later as a Personal Trainer and in more depth in the last few years as my own body and nutritional tolerances have changed. I’m now so much more aware of the challenges people face with their own health. 

Over the last few years working with clients and in the community, helping friends and family, I have discovered how food can really help people live happier lives. I’ve been able to switch ingredients for healthier alternatives myself that allow me to eat freely and enjoy a varied diet benefitting my stomach, skin, hormones and energy levels enormously.   

I’m now living a gluten, dairy, egg, yeast and refined sugar free life, to avoid my intolerances. I exercise regularly with clients and on my own, doing the kind of things I and they enjoy, which is a great way of maintaining motivation and enjoyment. I've found out what works best for me and also them and feel more healthy and energised than I felt 10 years ago!

So, along with my findings and new found energy, I decided it was time to give the Brand Nu-Me brand a make over, with a new logo and website. It'd be great if you'd follow me on my journey and sign up below for my regular emails which will include recipes, advice and fitness tips. 

Thank you to Beth Cook Design for putting my branding and website together, I think you’ll agree she’s amazing! Also a big thank you to my friend and photographer Dani Heaven for the website photography.