Personal Training Programmes


In our first session we will establish your abilities, goals and expectations, and create a specifically tailored plan. We can take a jog, walk through the park, or work out with equipment, whatever gets you motivated.

Together we will improve your fitness and body composition, look at your diet and nutrition, and make improvements to your lifestyle to aid your fitness. 


This is one of my favourite and most popular programmes giving me the opportunity to train two or more clients together. 

Not everyone likes to work out alone and sometimes a friend or two can give you all the motivation you need. I consult every participant on what they'd like to achieve, and I will produce individual plans for everyone, including information on nutrition and lifestyle too.


Independent Personal Training is a programme devised for people who are self-motivated to exercise and implement changes on their own, or who cannot have one-to-one contact on a regular basis.

After an initial consultation either in person or on the phone, I will develop a programme for your home and gym environment and provide thorough nutritional guidance based on analysis of your current eating habits and lifestyle assessment.

The programme will run for six weeks with contact in between to discuss progress and offer advice. After six weeks, we will reassess your progress and update your  programme.


During pregnancy, it is important to keep active but there are considerations on the types of activities you can do, changing as your due date draws nearer and working with an experienced and specialised pre and post-natal personal trainer means you can exercise safely. I will guide you through a tailored exercise programme to take you through your pregnancy and also offer nutritional advice through this critical stage of your growing baby’s development.

Post-natal exercise needs to be tailored to your pregnancy, labour, type of birth, including C-section, and also your pre-pregnancy fitness and recovery after birth, to name just a few! I can adapt an exercise programme to suit your requirements and advise on the best nutrition for breast-feeding at this important time for mum and baby.

Your baby is very welcome to come along and will love watching you exercise - just think of the example you are setting them for a fit and active lifestyle!


Designed to work on developing leg strength, core strength and flexibility and overall functional flexibility. The programme works with all abilities and is proven to ensure you can keep up with your group and still have energy left for that all important apres-ski!


Brides and grooms to be... don't worry if you only have a few months until your wedding and want to lose that last couple of pounds or inches, or tone up those problem areas like the arms and back muscles. I will work you hard on this intense programme to get you looking and feeling your best for the big day.

This programme works best when paired with my cleansing programme, described under Nutrition programmes, which will having your skin looking radiant.


Many companies are now using my Lifestyle and Nutrition team building workshops, delivered in a one day overview or over lunch breaks, to help improve the wellbeing and general health of their employees.

I offer in house training aimed at educating staff on the benefits of good nutrition and exercise and how this not only has a positive effect on their working life but their personal lives too.

Employees will benefit from less days of sick through ill health, a healthier appearance and manner, more production during the working day and better relaxation after work.


Getting younger adults into training not only has physical benefits but it also educates them on healthy eating, portion control and the components of fitness and exercise. Training from a young age with an exercise and nutritional coach will improve the technique of the client and prevent many problems encountered by older adults who have been exercising incorrectly for years. These problems could be muscle imbalances or postural problems. 

Exercise and health is a way of life and your children will see the benefits in school work and in their energy levels. If they have specific sporting interests or talents then we can also develop and improve these skills.